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Specialty Applications

Valuable Solutions for Your Roll Applications

At U.S. Roller, we provide solutions for your various roll applications. Located in Nashville, Tennessee, we offer a full range of rubber compounds and durometers to suit your needs. Our goal is to give you the ideal roll covering that matches whatever application you require for your processing line, including steel, aluminum, plastic, packaging, paper, tissue, nonwovens, textile, and beyond. Let’s work together to determine what covering is most valuable to you.

Aluminum Coil Processing

  • Bridle Rolls
  • Coating Applicator Rolls
  • Cold Rolling
  • Deflector Rolls
  • Hold Down Rolls
  • Ironing Rolls
  • Leveling Rolls
  • EV Battery Processing Rolls
  • Leveling Rolls
  • Paint Applicator Rolls
  • Pass Line Rolls
  • Pinch Rolls
  • Slitter Line Rolls
  • Squeegee Rolls
  • Tower Rolls
Red Roll in Builder
Multi Groove Big Roll

Steel Coil Processing 

  • Accumulator Rolls
  • Bridle Rolls
  • Chrome Plating
  • Coater Rolls
  • Coil Car Rolls
  • Cold Rolling
  • Deflector Rolls
  • Electro Galvanizing
  • Galvanizing
  • Immersion Rolls
  • Leveling Rolls
  • Looper Car Rolls
  • Painting
  • Pickling
  • Pinch Rolls
  • Slitting
  • Snubber Rolls
  • Contact Rolls
  • Squeegee Rolls
  • Steering Rolls
  • Tension Rolls
  • Tin Plating
  • Wringer Rolls
  • EV Battery Processing Rolls

Blown Film, Cast Film, Cast Sheet Processing

High-Release, Anti-Static, and High Heat-Resistance Coverings For:

  • Anti-Static Rolls
  • Bed Rolls
  • Chill-Nip Rolls
  • Contact Winder Rolls
  • Corona Treater Rolls
  • Extruder Nip Rolls
  • Fiberglass Sacrificial Layer
  • Grooved Transport Rolls
  • High-Release Coverings
  • Laminator Rolls
  • Lay-On Rolls
  • Metalizing Film
  • Nip Rolls
  • Pull Rolls
  • Slitter Rolls
  • Spreader Rolls
  • Super Low C.O.F. Coverings
Close Up Spiral Groove
Long Green Roll Builder

Nonwoven, Packaging, Paper, Textile, Tissue, Wood

  • Backing Rolls
  • Coating Rolls
  • Embossing Nip Rolls
  • Laminator Rolls
  • Lay-On Rolls
  • Pickup Rolls
  • Sanding Belt Rolls
  • Slitter Rolls
  • Transport Rolls
  • Washer Rolls